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After hormones my levels seemed off until they switched to the female range.

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i used to be a mountain man, could throw around boulders much heavier than i was, did pullups with half my bodyweight hanging off me, etc.

Now i can barely arm wrestle my friend who never lifted a weight in her life and sometimes can't open jars.

It's jarring how much of a difference HRT makes.

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i'm pretty proud of it :)

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A LOT of people do, but mainstream porn is like McDonalds, it's consistent, it's cheap (or free) and it's fucking everywhere. Finding the good places takes a bit of searching and you'll pay more, like that local burger joint that makes the best burger you ever had in your life, and also serves beer.

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Luckily your therapist didn't send the cops after you to pick you up for involuntary because you disagreed and left. It happens.