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TIL brain works just like RealPlayer

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Many modern events try to pass themselves off as raves. It's not a rave unless you have to call in to a phone# to find the van that takes you to the gate where you get let in.

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I was just talking with someone the other day that grew up around Prince's place. They'd see him around town and even went to one of his free house parties. Apparently his SO would dance naked while he would rock out for like 2 hours straight.

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You're being chased through the streets of Los Angeles by a pack of angry polar bears. You don't know why they are there, but you know why they are angry. They will eventually catch up to you, but before you do, you have a choice to make. There is a subway station 30 feet to your left and a limping homeless man 30 feet to your right. in front of you is an alley that appears to end with no exit. Which direction do you choose?