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I watched a porn blooper scene once, was hilarious.....2 guys and a girl, they were doing their thing, when one guy yelled, "THAT'S ME YOU FUCKING IDIOT" best ever

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you are a awesome human

what is your opinion about the actual human and environmental cost of "green energy", due to china's near stranglehold on lithium/cobalt?

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well the cbc still has fairly good investigative reporting,

here is the mk ultra experiments the cia did in Canada.....which Justin Trudough put a gag order on personally lol



if you want to see what corporate media does, i suggest a documentary called "the corporation"...the 2 reporters were fired for finding out some stuff about monsanto (now bayer)...basically, it is not against the law to report outright lies, or half-truths as news.


or when CNN told people it was illegal to read wikileak papers, and only they could tell you what was in it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRBppdC1h_Y

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that sucks. those people are hard workers, and deserve a decent lif... im not sure what the answer is

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canada and the us both considering negative intrest rates? how do you think that will effect the middle class?

formerly middle class, that is