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Hi Robert! I follow you on Facebook and appreciate your opinions on the government. I know you're a big supporter for Bernie Sanders -- I am as well -- but I'm wondering what you think about what the naysayers think on Bernie?

For example, my friend recently mentioned how the government runs the DMV. It's terrible. A contender for the worst government-run system in America. Why would we hand over millions of dollars more for the government to then run our healthcare, paid maternity leave, etc. when the government proves it already sucks at managing such large numbers in an efficient way?

I believe Bernie's America can be great! I'm just not sure how we can get there and I don't trust the government. Thoughts?

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Hi Brittany! I'm a huge fan of your work and love both of your albums. You seem like such a realistic and down to earth person.

My question: your second album is pretty different than the sound of your first. What inspired you to try new things and were you scared about releasing an album that was pretty different?