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Leaving cabinet doors open...11 years and counting on this one for myself and my wife.

After about 7 years, it became more of a play-fight, with just a hint of real frustration behind it.

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I had a coworker try to tell me this (as a reason that the rest of us didn't have to worry about the fact that he was sick and not being careful around us).

My response: "if that were true, there would never be a reason to cover coughs and sneezes."

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Just a heads up, the Colorado high country is typically impassable (or at least still snow-covered) above 10,000 feet or so until late June. Depending on your route (the Colorado Trail?), it could be tough in spring without skis or at least snowshoes. Maybe you've planned for this already.

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We're 98% streaming in my household, with no cable subscription. The other 2% is supplied by an OTA digital antenna.

My wife and I regularly chuckle when my kids are watching OTA television and complain - hard - about the commercials. At first it was an interesting novelty for them - "what this? A show within a show, except it's people acting strangely trying to sell me something?", but they quickly grew to hate it.

Dude...this was the way it ALWAYS was like 10 years ago...