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briandeeds132 karma

Hi Ric, First off thanks for all that you and your son do for the love of dolphins and sea life! I have 2 questions for you. One is related to your son and he is a big part of your operation and a big part of what you do. How did you get him to see the importance of the work you do and the importance of protecting the dolphins without exposing him to some of the graphic nature of what really goes on and without pressing it to hard on him where he would get turned off by it?

My second question is as someone who lives in the midwest and my wife and I are huge supporters what are ways to get involved besides social media and donating money? (We are very hands on people)

briandeeds131 karma

Mr. Psihoyos, thank you for all the hard work you have done on this topic and your work with Ric and Lincoln. 2 questions...

  1. Is there some sort of economic plan that could be presented to these fisherman that work in the cove to show them that it can be and is more profitible to say create a whale and dolphin watching in the wild business or somthing to that extent? (obviously there is a steady population near by)

  2. Do you expect some of the momentum of "The Cove" to carry over to help raise awarness for "The Heist" and when and where can we view that?