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press.ibm.com/us/en would've been good. How easy a URL is to memorize is only part of what makes a good URL. How well it describes the content is far more important.

What I get from "http://www-03.ibm.com/press/us/en/pressreleases/recent.wss" is this:

  • "www-03" useless. You may argue that it's there for technical reasons, but removing it redirects back to it. So what's the deal? Clearly it can work without it, so just hide it.
  • "/pressreleases/" is also useless. It's redundant.
  • ".wss" file extensions are so 2009.

A shorter, to-the-point URL is easier to read and process by humans and inspires confidence. When I type "ma" in my Chrome search bar, it autocompletes to "maps.google.ca", and I recognize that URL instantly. If I were to type "pr" into my Chrome bar and see "press.ibm.com/us/en" then I would recognize the URL. However, if I were to see the monstrosity that IBM is currently using, I would need to scan it and digest it and remember back to when I last visited it, to try and determine if it's the right one.

Sure, in the grand scheme of things, it can be passed off as a small, unimportant detail. But, does a company like IBM take UX seriously or not?

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Considering it took me under 30 seconds to figure out that it's this theme, I'm not surprised at all.

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This is why I stopped playing. I'm not spending a penny more on the game until the limits are removed. The maps are so big and beautiful, but you end up limited to a small portion of the map before the game decided you've had enough fun.

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I'm with you brother. Had anyone else made this post, I wouldn't have bothered. But since he leads in with being a front-end dev, there's really no excuse.

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I like this reply, and I like your attitude about it all.