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brent-wirecutter13 karma

I'll agree with danudey. I have tried, and use, lots of the Smart TV interfaces and while I can handle them fine, my 80-yo parents were totally baffled by them. Most are clunky, slow and unintuitive. Better off with a Apple TV or Roku or something like that where they put more work into the interface.

brent-wirecutter12 karma

I'll add four more thumbs up on the Bluebud X -- two from me, two from Lauren Dragan, who I know really likes them and uses them.

brent-wirecutter9 karma

There's not a whole lot of reviews out on that niche, but Samsung's UN40F5500F gets 4.5 stars average review on several retailer sites and is available for a little under $500.

brent-wirecutter7 karma

I haven't seen any deals on the ST60, but don't wait too long to buy. Production stops December 31.

brent-wirecutter4 karma

I wouldn't use a cheap receiver with those Sonus speakers. Many of the bargain receivers have very stripped-down power supplies so they deliver their rated power only into 1 channel, only at 1 kHz, at 6 ohms, etc., etc. It's really gotten bad. With Rotel you have some promise of decent quality.