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I'd be bailed in the U.K. If I was a French national I'd have been bailed here too.

I am not at all familiar with French law but have you looked into organizations that support justice-involved folks in France? In some Canadian provinces, there are organizations that can act as a surety for "high-risk" folks on bail.

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You must be an American Like I am

Canadian, hence why I referred to the Canadian justice system.

if you are a foreigner in Europe, you are already considered a flight risk

OP isn't a foreigner, he is an EU citizen.

they are less likely to bond out foreigners for felony crimes that will likely result in prison time

Maybe, maybe not. That is why I suggested that OP look into it. The Canadian organizations I was referring to will bail people out and assign them "bail supervisor" (kind of like a probation officer for a person on remand). I know that in some cases, these organizations will support individuals who are not Canadian citizens provided that the offence they are accused of is non-violent and not immigration related.

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Just curious, why did you start your sentence with "Eh"? I'm Canadian too and never seen it at the BEGINNING of a sentence.

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You pay a mortgage alone on a retail salary? Impressive...