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I was diagnosed with this last year, by that Dutch doctor.

It is a bitch but can be managed. However, I have started a trial of immunisation therapy with my own sperm. It seems to be promising.

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I am not on the POIS forum. I have started it last year, but as I have other severe allergies and my adrenal glands are iffy it went slower than I wanted. But it seems to slowly change.

Have you considered edging for relief, btw?

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No, as the semen when it leaves the testes immediately comes in contact with a part of the body where it triggers an immune response.

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Well that is both the interesting thing about it and the damning thing about it. It is an immune reaction and possibly an allergic reaction, but not like any other. I am on both prednison (corticosteroids) and plenty of anti-histamines and neither of those make a dent in the symptoms of POIS. They help slightly but never ever enough.

The thinking is that there are other parts of the immune system involved. I have not been reading up on any research for a while, so I might be out of date with my opinions.

But think of it this way. Semen is one of the proteins that should be universally recognised by any human body. My and OP's bodies are somehow waging war against it. Causing quite severe and systemic problems. In a sense that is different from normal allergies where foreign proteins are not recognised as safe.

Somehow our bodies either don't recognise the protein as safe or have created an immune response to it.

edit: The immunisation therapy works through a different part of the immune system (allergies generally go through IgE antibodies), in part to teach the body to not respond so severe.