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Cesarean sections are an essential procedure for obstetric care when natural birthing may lead to dangerous or undesirable outcomes, but they do not come without risk. C-sections can lead to infections, development of fibrous growths in the uterus and on reproductive organs that can cause pain or internal damage, permanent damage to abdominal muscles, reduced immunity in babies, and other complications. People who have a c-section are up to 80% more likely to have complications than those who deliver vaginally. Having a c-section also greatly increases the risk of complications in subsequent vaginal births, often prohibiting it completely. The WHO recommends that any given country should have a c-section rate of 10-15%. The US’s is over 30%. This indicates that unnecessary c-sections are being performed, leading to greater rates of birthing and postpartum complications that could otherwise be avoided.

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The US is also one of only four countries on Earth that doesn’t guarantee some kind of parental leave.