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Hey man, TAR has always been our sit together as a family show but the last few seasons have been disappointing. Seems its suffering the same fate all reality shows have of becoming less real as time goes on with all the really, really, really rediculously good looking players and the forced/edited for drama. Any chance you can go back to the "fish out of water" style that made the show great? Less perfect teeth, more funny old guys who want to stop and taste all the local foods on offer in the middle of a race.

Also, did you push for more NZ stops so that you could come back here to visit family and friends?

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Sounds like you spent the entire time in shock and lacked cohesive thinking but I would dearly like to know if at any point you accepted the idea that you were going to die?

I've had a few run ins with fate in my life including being paralysed and my heart actually stopped. It's gotten to the point where I'm paranoid and feel that life is out to get me so what I'd like to know is at any point did you feel like you were going to die and accept it? The 2nd time I lay dying I remember thinking about how disappointed I was that my life was ending and at least in my head remember saying "well this sucks" and feeling I wish I'd done other things in my life. I was never angry about, just felt let down. Did you go through anything like this?

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My 12 year old daughter used to read teen vampire romance garbage. Got her to read the Molly Fyde series and she has now progressed onto the Wool series and taking an interest in other science fiction books.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.