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Well, long before the cancer I had a falling disorder and double vision but since this was years prior and unlikely unrelated even though they stopped once treatments began and are a sign of it in your spinal fluid where I had a lot.

But the first definite sign I can tell you was the first week of senior year in August. Because my PCP basically told my parents I was crazy and making up all my other symptoms I went to the local urgent care. They told me it was strep even with a negative strep test (which is normal)

The strep never went away. In early September right before the hurricane I went back because I had fallen out of bed and my wrist hurt like heck and the bruise was huge and terrible and they took an X-RAY of it-but pretty much ignored my complaints that I still felt very sick. X-Ray was normal but I was given referral to orthopedic surgeon, knowing it might be awhile because of hurricane. Saw them in two weeks. Swelling nor bruise had gone down and bruise was actually worse. Schedules MRI for probably about three weeks later. Goes back to Urgent care (I saw the same doctor every time I went). He says virus. I saw that doctor 6-7 times. Usually said virus. Ignored two separate ingrown hairs, a worsening bruise, uncontrollable pain and weakness, and obvious paleness. MRI showed only blood that was blocked up in that area. No further testing was done. We went to an apple care fifty minutes away and blood tests were done immediately. This was November 14th. November 15th we were called and told to get to ER & official diagnosis cams on the 16th.

So, first week of August until then when it literally hurt to move an inch and I was pale as a sheet of copy paper.

Thank you so much for your kind words. And trust me that I’ve got that down. Everyone around me knows hand sanitizer is life lol.

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My parents are by my side all the time, to the point it can feel very smothering although I know that it’s coming from the right place. But when you live in one small room with two people constantly worrying and watching over you for months on end it can become a bit much. I’m someone who needs my space even though I do like hanging out with people. Right now I can’t really leave out anywhere. I have to stay on my floor of the Ronald McDonald House if I’m there and can basically only go to clinic or the park at times it’s uncrowded (or like walk around the building.) that’s really annoying. I color a lot, and play the Sims. Been thinking about streaming on Twitch but I don’t think I’d be the best. My two best friends happen to live up here (I live 5-6 hours away). I’m not in college yet since I knew I couldn’t do it with transplant. My friends have been unable to visit the past two or three weeks but they’re usually pretty good at visiting, there’s just a lot been going on. Also connected with someone else from camp and she’s come visited me a bit too. But right now all my life pretty much is just cancer. It kinda has to be, but that’s fine. I’m making the most of it.

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Thank you. I definitely feel even with the amount of times I did go, I didn’t stand up for myself enough. I should’ve just yelled at my parents to take me to the ER and not have pushed myself as much as I did to make myself seem less sick then I actually was. And I needed to acknowledge to everyone how much pain I was actually in. Maybe then I wouldn’t have been in such a bad position. Hopefully this teaches people to speak up more.

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Have talked to several oncologists. They all believe I had it in August. It works differently in every single body. And lab tests can be normal in beginning stages. And almost all my doctors agreed that lab work should’ve been done. I have pictures of a month before diagnosis where I have no color left in my face. There was petechia everywhere. This is my experience as my doctors have backed me up. It may be our specific types as well. I’m Inversion 16 AML which works differently than inversion 17 AML drastically. (If that’s actually a thing I was trying to make a point.) I hope your treatment is going well. And I upvoted you. We all deserve to have questions and opinions. But my doctor definitely could’ve done more for me. We also found a horrible UTI, several life threatening infections, and pneumonia in my lungs. So maybe one of those was the major offender as well. But the doctor even at my request wouldn’t give me any more tests just look at me and send me on my way.

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Interesting fact: one unit of platelets can contain multiple donors and what you give may be split up between donors unlike blood. And every patient is different. Especially when it comes to what type of Leukemia they have, what type of complications, how low a count one can handle. And your donation may have not gone to leukemia patients at all. Tons of other diseases and trauma victims need them as well. I’ve had so many giving you even an educated guess would probably be so off. 100 maybe?? I have no idea.