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a lot of very fit and healthy people die of undiagnosed heart problems.

Oy, no, this is completely wrong. Young in-shape people dying of an undetected heart problem is extremely rare. In fact most young fit people shouldn't go get checked out head-to-toe looking for every possible defect, because most detection procedures have some very small amount of risk, and the number of people who would be killed by these diagnostic procedures is LARGER than the number of people who would be saved by the test finding a life-threatening defect.

A ton of very smart people spend a ton of time and effort researching and determining what procedures should be performed on which groups of people in order to produce the maximum amount of prevention of disease and injury.



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Aside from anecdote, is there any evidence of mushrooms being contraindicated with any other medications?

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Exactly. This is the question that must be answered before any other questions are relevant.