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This is my favorite celebrity question and answer of any AMA.

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I would love to see you speak to high school students.

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I still remember the first five presidents through "Why are Japanese men miniture?"

I'm also now a civics high school teacher. I'm not even kidding; in my head I'll do the mnemonic to remember.

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We had the most professional and exciting political convention of all three of the national political parties

I wish you and your party luck but let's not pretend your convention was anywhere near professional. The Libertarian Party is currently a carnival show. Libertarians have good arguments and deserve a voice in the public stage but goddamn, the nut jobs are killing any chance of respectability.

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I was also in cambodia 5 years ago and am also a white guy wearing a backpack. My experience was similar. Everybody is super nice and smiling.

The over 40/survivor-of-genocide thing hit me hard too. I had a driver take me to a shooting range to fire some AK's (immature touristy desire, I know) and there were all these guns and mortors around. He didn't speak English well at all but after I shot at the range he was really excited to tell me about what machine gun he manned during the civil war. He raised his shirt then and showed me a huge scar. He then, huge smile while doing this btw, pointed to the mortor that caused the scar during battle.

The rest of the day I just couldn't wrap my head around how this guy is smiling while trying to explain to a stupid tourist how he was almost burned to death by these weapons. Weapons I was previously using as mere toys.

Also, wasn't ever asked if I wanted to blow up a cow, thank goodness.