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Keep firewood a healthy distance away from your home, don't leave leaves and debris around outside for too long or next to your home as this is a place different kinds of pests can brewed, make sure your garage door is flush with the ground ( helps with keeping rodents out), a huge one is make sure your gutters are regularly cleaned and downspouts are facing the appropriate way. Any moisture collecting along the foundation makes nice conditions for termites. Ummm that's all I can think of right now.

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PM me man. I can maybe help you out.

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All of the work I do is commercial. They have to have pest control because of SOP. Residential clients usually have it as more of a luxury service.

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It is almost impossible to fully keep them out. They can fit in a crack the size of your pinky! Older homes settle over the years offering them easy entry ways into your home that you may not even see. It's good to be proactive but there is no end all be all to keeping them out. I recommend checking in utility, cable, plumbing going into your home. Make sure it is properly sealed, a lot of times there are gaps the size of my thumb that a mouse can easily fit in. You can use a silicone filler and just fill the crack. My advice is to set traps in places you see activity (droppings, grease marks) and discard of them when you catch them. You can also try using bait stations on the exterior but I really don't like using poison in residential settings and check with your local laws. (Sometimes the die in your wall and they can really smell) You can use a bait stations and then put T rex traps in them a long the exterior for a none poison route. Hopefully I answered your question.

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I'm so sorry I didn't expect so many questions. I am actually working at the moment! I am taking a break in 15 mins and going to respond to as many of you as I can and then will be responding throughout the day