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I remember first discovering you back when you did a voice role in "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer: The Movie" by Golden Films/Goodtimes Entertainment from 1998. Which was Golden Film's animated movie starring Rudolph. If I remember correctly, you voice an Arctic Fox in the movie. How much do you remember working on that movie? I remember John Goodman, and Whoopi Goldberg was also in the movie.

John Goodman voiced Santa Claus while Whoopi voiced the main antagonist who causes blizzard and fog.

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I still really enjoy your music performance in that film.

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Not sure if you grew up during the "Disney Afternoon" era but what was your favorite Disney Afternoon show? My all time favorite is Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers (Which is currently in development as a live-action/CGI hybrid).

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Looked it up, I believe David Foster did most of the music in that movie.

While the film isn't as popular compared to the Rankin-Bass special from 1964. I still love the song that Rudolph and Zoey sang when they we're missing each other.

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How did you feel about playing the character Dr. Nigel Channing in the newer version of Journey Into Imagination (With Figment)? Dr. Nigel hasn't been popular with WDW fans and guests (Especially from longtime Epcot fans). Especially since most guests miss Dreamfinder from the original version of the ride.