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So glad your going!

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Rob, firstly, after following you for pretty much all your career, I want to congratulate you on everything you have worked hard for!

Few questions. 1) Is graphic novel available in UK stores? 2) You said its going to be two volumes. Whats next once you complete them. Do you have any other ideas for future stories outside this world or would you like to explore other mediums. The idea of you doing another ARG would be wonderful? 3) The shots of your place and collection on twitter makes me envious. Your house is on fire. Your wife and pets are safe....whats the one prized possession you grab?

Thanks for being one of the few artists I follow engaging with his followers on twitter!

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Any chance of another bathtub scene???

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Glad there is still people out there who are into hardcopies.

Ill head to my local store this weekend and let you know if its available!

Thanks for answering :)

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John, I text you a year or so back before the gig in London at the Dome. I asked you if you liked kebabs. I went to the gig and then bought you kebabs after but the bouncer never delivered. FYI The Kebab was DELISH. You doing any gigs in or around LA during coachella?