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I do agree with the first part: empathizing with the shooter in order to avoid another one. I think we all go trough some phase which might be hard when we feel alone and left aside. maybe being stampeded by our fellows. this is the only psychological state I can think of to make a brain switch and decide to go postal not caring anymore about the consequences.

I do not agree with the violence and animalistic aspect. I think it’s not violence the motive: revenge is the motive.

and violence or revenge is never against “institutions” or other abstract factors: it’s against persons, people. because persons, more often than not, have to mercy, no pity, no empathy for the other (this is how I think the shooter felt).

What did they answers to you about the merit (i.e. the cause or motivation of the shooter? What about the lack of empathy? No answers?

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I am sure that he is widely regarded by law students and businessman as a respectable lawyer and role model.


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how long did the entire hike take and how much does it help to be in perfect health conditions (sight, fitness etc).

how hard did you had to train for it and what phisical training did you take?

how was the logistic (eating, tent, poop, etc) and how long was the average day of walking?

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labeling someone as crazy is the stupidest thing ever. it’s a childish way to avoid facing evil. we all could do what he did. we just need add up until we snap!

yeah I think hate is always toward a person, in the end.

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sorry “voice of cost” means single most expensive item on the balance sheet. I think it’s personnel cost