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I have two adopted sons with RAD and those first couple of years can get rough. You ever need somebody who's been there to ask questions or talk to, drop me a line.

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I was diagnosed with ARDS at 16 after a traumatic illness (not flu, but I did the induced coma thing too). That was 21 years ago and things got so much better. If they're willing to let you work with a PT on an exercise program that gives you a chance to build tolerance, take them up on that. You've got good things in your future!

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That diamond is simultaneously awesome and completely crazy.

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How often do you see trilliant cut center stones? I had a designer refuse to send a band with a trilliant mount for me because they said it would be ugly (according to my jeweler). My jeweler laughed his ass off at that, ordered it anyways and did a custom job on the mount for the trilliant diamond instead. The finished ring is absolutely amazing.

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I'm sorry to hear you were stuck in the middle of an unhealthy situation, though you seem to have handled it and moved on like a total boss. Poly can work in a healthy way for other people, though. Please don't let that particular situation color how you think of all of us.