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bradytowelker6 karma

It doesn't get better, I am 34 and working in tech, finally made the magical six figure salary and my job isn't even too demanding, but are miserable. Always feel like I am coming up short, and money does not buy happiness, more so feels like everyone now just treats me like an ATM machine.

bradytowelker4 karma

Hi there. I wonder if you can, or if you have already did this in your book, to tie a connection with the burnout generation with the monetary policies enacted by the Fed and the congress to keep on propping the market up after the recession? Does it not feel like part of our burnout is related to be working and living inside the body of a zombie? Because your description really makes me thinking of that term "zombie economy". America is known for its innovation and the willingness to accept them by its people, but in reality our world has been stuck in a cycle that more or less looks the same every day except a very few sectors. Will this get better once the boomers starts to retire in mass? Do you feel like we are living in the best of the times but also the worst of the times?

bradytowelker3 karma

To be honest we are probably gonna end up to be one of the least accomplished generation ever. Boomers might sucked when they got old, but they did bring us plenty of good things when they are young and working. Gen Y meanwhile, have one of the highest rate of education yet one of the lowest rate for new business formation.