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holy shit her face hahahahahahah

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would you be willing to ban hammer trump if he touted the same kind of nuclear trigger happiness that he does on twitter?

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For me personally, regardless if you have no direct involvement, pacifist or not, you're still supporting the military through your taxes.

In that sense the only way to hold it truly, is to live in a place without one, or not pay taxes (live outside of civil life/areas)

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TLDR: Is there still space for new engineers to help with engineering problems and do you take engineers without a degree?

Often times I see NGO or work like this come up with these amazing and inspiring solutions to critical problems. My dream job is to do work like this helping better the world which is why I went into engineering. Though often times it seems that the engineering work is all but done (or mainly administered by one top engineer) and the rest is mostly business and marketing to reach the next group/region.

For your company, what engineering problems are there left to do? Is it mostly just tweaking designs here and there, or are there constant redesigns to account for new regions or technologies not previously considered?

Would the company ever consider sending out some design challenges for engineering students to pick up?

Speaking of modular design, have y'all seen MITs newest wing tech? http://news.mit.edu/2019/engineers-demonstrate-lighter-flexible-airplane-wing-0401

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This video flipped my shit when i first saw it. It's the coolest fuckign thing when artists are not only willing to do this but on top of that just drop in like that.