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You mentioned you have 7 siblings! I have some experience there as my mother was oldest of eight, but much different generation. How does that affect how you are today? Do you find yourself running toward a comparatively big family (3-4 children today) or running away from it? Why? There really was nothing better growing up than the mayhem on Sundays at grandma’s house, but I’m not sure if I could handle that in this era. When you have kids, what is your ideal?

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Last name pronounced as it looks with a “T” or more French like “Benwa”?

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Well, I guess that can be kinda fun having your last name be equivalent to a sex toy! Have you claimed ownership ever? 😜. I was thinking it might have been fun in high school or college, but then I realized I’m a grown man and had no idea what the old Benoit balls were used for! Any chance your pops was the inventor and never revealed that to you?🍌