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My teacher always said the difference between a fiddle and a violin is that a violin has strings, but a fiddle has strangs.

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Tourist rides generally consist of a handler riding on the head/neck area while tourists sit in a "carriage" further back, like this.

As an added side note, equine saddles are fitted to the horse they'll be used on (some even use tools like this to create the best fit possible). A poorly fitted saddle causes pressure points and causes the horse to move unnaturally to avoid pinching/pain. People who can afford it will have their saddle re-flocked on a regular basis to adjust for any added/lost muscle mass. You'll notice that these elephant "saddles" do nothing to disperse weight in a favorable fashion.

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Dead, probably. You just gotta put time in if you want to be good.

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Yeah its kind of "old school" as far as measuring tools go, but it's a great visual for people who aren't familiar with the process. There are also tons of other ways to measure for saddles, including lasers and impression mats.

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Ever hear of a thing called "Google"?