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So, this is a very ignorant question, I know (never learned a lot about this in school)... but if a lot of other countries and people faced similar or even worse cases like the Holocaust (from what Ive read from below comments with Russia, Hungarians etc), why is basically only the Holocaust talked about and only Germans are referenced as being horrible monsters that did all of this? I'm from North America and we have only ever learned about Germans vs Jews and how the Germans were made to pay after the war etc. Were the other cases of similar atrocious acts just swept under the rug? Were they not as bad?

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Ah ok. That last sentence is what I was looking for/ expecting. Seems a bit unfair to Germans. Not taking away the blame on Germans who perpetrated these events but history teachers make it seem like they are the only people to have committed acts like this, when in fact many other countries have done similar things. Even Germans today are stigmatized for it and seem to get uncomfortable when the Holocaust is brought up.