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This is definitely the best explanation of the difference I have seen published so far and is not trivial. I am looking forward to seeing it in action.

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This has been the missing link for me and you have answered it. Now, I can get to work creating awesome content...exclusively for the Synereo platform, I should add!!

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The dedicated Content Creator Wallet is an interesting concept but since reach and or visibility on Synereo is controlled by the use of amps for amplification, how do you plan to make the platform useful for photographers and other visual artists who do not have budgets of hundreds of thousands of dollars to market themselves?

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I am interested in knowing how "nodes" fit into the Synereo infrastructure. Today, very few cryptos can be created by normal computer hardware so that participation in the creation of bitcoins, for example, is completely out of reach for all but a very very few ultra wealthy players. Do you have any target metrics you are willing to share at this point that would able someone who wants to participate in Synereo by setting up a nodes on their own hardware to estimate the potential cost/revenue equation for running a node at the point of beta for the social media layer of your platform?

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First thank you for your time to respond to my question. Yes, I did read that piece plus I have watched numerous videos and the conference last weekend here in Vancouver. Everything I have studied so far makes me very optimistic about the project and its potential to be a major game changer, and by the way, not just in the social media space!