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I honestly never thought about that, I'll talk with my doctors about it next time i go in for a check up.

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  1. It was a type of bone cancer that affected my hip and, by the tyme they found it, had gotten into my bloodstream and were in my lungs.

  2. I underwent Chemo for 1 year before going into surgery to remove the tumor (and by that time the specks in my lungs/bloodstream had gone)

  3. they took the time to explain to me after chemo that Ewing's Sarcoma's nickname is the revenge cancer and that if I don't take the proper precautions it may.

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  1. I mainly just wanted to leave, as at some point in the middle of my treatment, i became very depressed and just gave up on trying to be cheery.

  2. I don't think so, but it's a possibility

  3. And no, they can't dream because they don't have souls

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I really didn't have time to tell them because when they found the tumor they wanted to go into action immediately. they yanked me out of school, but eventually my friends caught word, and it hurt me deeply that none of my friends tried to contact me. only one person from my school came to talk about it, and i hardly ever spoke to her (although i did have a slight crush on her, even though any chances of romance were completely destroyed)

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thank you it means a lot to mw