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How did you make your unicycle so comfortable to last the entire journey?

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Did you ever regret doing this during your trip? EDIT: I mean, choosing a unicycle instead of, let's say, a bicycle

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The bad customer service is a common theme across most of eastern Europe. This situation you described is very familiar in a lot of places. I lived in Canada for 12 years now, and everytime I go back, I am amazed at how much people want your money but do absolutely nothing to get you to give them some.

source: I am Bulgarian.

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Oh wow, I am happy it turned out so well for you. I'm sure it wasn't easy to get to the state of mind that you are now

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Hey JME, how hard was it to keep going? I mean, have you ever had times where you wanted to give up trying to build everything around you and move back to the city?