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Douche chill...

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Took me a while to realize that wasn't her.

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Trig and stats are the biggest subjects imo where the "Why" of it are instrumental in using the formulas. Word problems are the key - both solving them and being able to write them. There was a huge difference between my semesters stats class and my friend's class. My prof took the time to explain each variable and what the formulas meant - and threw a ton of word problems at us. Our class median grade was something like a whole grade point higher than hers.

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No sir it does not in any way after the birth control is out of her system. There's no science to say otherwise.

There are longer term birth control methods like an IUD that are inserted into the uterus and then taken out after a few years (I believe they last at least five years.) There are always the extremely rare complications that could affect fertility like a uterine perforation that in the absolute worst case scenario could cause infertility or possibly even death if you had 0 access to health care (how would you get the IUD in the first place tho?) But after the IUD is taken out her hormones go back to normal.

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I'll bite, what is a secondary? As in secondary metabolite?

For OP and anyone else: Do y'all use batch fermenters? What are the best yeasts for brewing? I grew some Saccharomyces cerevisiae and mated them but unfortunately my ascii were too young to have developed in time for that part of the experiment (counting recombination patterns) :/ it was fun though. Do you use ready made yeast or can you buy custom?