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Is the yurt doing OK in the Golden Valley? Or is it getting flooded out?

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I used to work in a pizza restaurant and the owners would play Christian radio all day, especially after they found out I was an atheist.

Made me wish for the job I had right before that, another pizza place where they played nice light jazz...but they played the same light jazz for years and years and years and wouldn't play anything else, according to the people who had worked there much longer than me.

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Like fireworks on the Fourth of July.

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No question, just wanted to tell you that you're my heroine.

When I heard you were coming out with N&D, my initial thought was, "Oh great. Some rich gal who's going to write about poor people. Sigh." But the book was great! You rock!

Also loved your book Dancing in the Streets, and just about anything else you've ever written totally resonates with me.