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My fave has to be the scene were they're investigating a murder and all they use is the word "fuck," pure genius from an acting standpoint.

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Hey John.

I gotta say, I've got ultimate respect for you for writing that letter, you made a 14 yr old fan extremely happy and probably ( if not obviously ) changed the course of his life... But I gotta ask, what out of the many letters you must have received made you reply in such an awesome way to this kid?

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I thought it was over at that point

I know this feeling all too well, I got hit by a car and slid 50 meters down the road on my helmet, damn thing was worn down like a gobstopper ( full face Shoei ) I honestly can't stress the importance of these things, anyone who rides without one is an idiot. And then some.

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Awesome, this is why we come to reddit.

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I'm in the UK, they're compulsory everywhere here, but when I go abroad I see people riding all the time without helmets. I just look at them and think they're absolutely mad.

If it wasn't for that helmet, I would not be writing this comment. Period.