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You lead the heckler in the video like a lamb, she couldn't have responded better if she was scripted. But, have you ever had a heckler that was legitimately funny, like had a good back and forth banter?

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In the naaavvyyy

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30 seconds ago I had no idea who you were, 30 seconds ago my night was free and 5 seconds ago I created my account. I've been clean for years, I hate you.

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Patrick Julian Swayze, you're so fuckin sexy...

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Exactly. Every single person aboard those ships were wishing they were at home going to school or starting a family, worrying about the bullshit things we worry about now. But that wasn't the case for them and I struggle to think they would look at later generations and wish their service in anyone. It is the essence of their sacrifice and we should be so lucky...