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Every trade is looking for apprentices my advice to you is stick with it. One day you will be certified and it will pay off. Learn as much as you can and try to take over the job. Tell your boss to get out of your way and tell you how to do it. As an apprentice if you can keep your boss from touching his tools you are doing an excellent job

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Im 34 and my helper is 30. I started plumbing when I was 19, I don't see any young helpers anymore. Kids are not getting into this line of work

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If it feels the need to tell you on the package that it is "flushable" then do NOT flush it. Toilet paper and human waste are the only things you should flush down your toilet

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Yes, you can fix it yourself. If by leaks you mean it constantly runs. (This would be easier with a picture of your faucet) the washers on the bottom of the valve stem are worn out. There are normally plastic caps in the top of the handles. Take them off, inside there will be a Phillips screw holding the handle on. Take the screw out and pull off the handle. While the water is off use a pair of pliers to take the nut that holds the stem in place off. The whole stem will come out of the faucet at this point. Take that stem with you to a hardware store and get a replacement washer (take the stem with you to match up the size of the new washer) if it is a ceramic disc style stem (you won't be able to see a washer) it's best to replace the stem. Look up a local faucet repair shop and they will be able to get new stems/seats for you.

Edit: you may have noticed a smell in that rest room. That is because you haven't been using it. There is a ptrap under that sink that is meant to be full of water to prevent sewer gasses from escaping the drain. Every once in a while you should go in there and run a little water. Just to keep that trap full and odor free