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Looking at this recent hacking, do you think that the customers are really "cheating douchebags" or whatever the hackers claim, or is it more single people trying to get some any way they can and/or people in an open relationship?

Also, what's the male to female ratio like? I imagine around 5,000 to 1?

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So in your capacity of customer support/management you were actually giving people dating and social tips rather than just site and profile maintenance? That's pretty funny.

The delusion was off the charts.

This seems to be a super common thread in all the online dating stories I've heard from friends or read about. I don't do it myself for this reason. BUT, it's actually nice to stories like the one about the man with the paralyzed wife and knowing it worked out for them. Takes all kinds, I guess.

Thanks for your reply.

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I have heard that the effects of you disability are not as severe as the character of Walt Jr. If this is true, did it feel strange to "play up" the symptoms for a character?

I saw that you're in an upcoming movie (I'm an IMDb hound), that was written by a screenwriter with disabilities. How important is it to you to work with other disabled artists and tell that story?

Also, you're a fantastic actor and your performance in Breaking Bad, especially your scene on the phone as you deny Walt's money, just broke my heart, man.

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Do you get deals with the airlines for free/reduced travel?

How wind up getting your job? I saw you say you have a lot of turnaround. Is it an easy business to get into with regular hiring?

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Yeah, I've funded like, nine doctorates. It's just charitable, you know?