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Sorry for #2 my question was more about getting reminders that were sent to the native Reminders app. The major use case is to get items that were sent there by Siri.

For the perspective pictures I should probably explain why I asked. I played with the app, and I could see myself tagging items that I need to follow up with individuals on- but I wouldn’t assign them. Ex: “remember to ask X about y”. Then building a perspective that would show me all the items tagged for those individuals. Adding individual photos to those perspectives would allow me to put the person in questions pic.

Probably a super specific use case - but I do something very similar in OmniFocus and it’s super powerful and helps me remember to make sure I follow up on stuff.

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Looks awesome! I am on OmniFocus right now, but I could see how this platform is an awesome competitor. Some questions/ideas: 1. Natural language support? I find this one cool. Doesn’t add huge value… but still cool 2. Integration with native IOS reminders - is that something you want to pursue? 3. Adding pictures to perspectives 4. Webhook support? Inbound would be great - outbound would be crazy powerful 5. iOS share sheet integration.

Thanks and keep up the amazing work.