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But doesn't RDP specifically gain huge advantages in a way that cross platform VNC can never do? As I understand it, RDP communicates meta info about window positioning and GUI data so that it doesn't need to send any bitmapped info (even compressed) for many screen areas. Much like X Window system does in Linux.

This strategy would never work across desktops of different OS's.

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Ok, fair enough. Followup question, what is the advantage of h264 or webm? vp9 seems pretty good, and the advantage is fully open source.

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Thats fine though, using multiple repos is even more isolated from other employees plus production. I'm just asking about the fundamental underlying concern that pushing to git every day can hurt anything. If you're pushing to a dev repo then the person contracting the work can verify it is on track (which they are entitled to require as part of the contract), and all of the commits will still be safely and cleanly isolated.

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I don't understand why you wouldn't have your own code branch? How could two people committing to two different branches ever cause a conflict? And if you were committing to a dev branch, did you are him merge your branch to master/production?