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Hahaha! A lot. I don't have to. I let my dog out!

......my grandparents have pugs.

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Nope. Not at all.

You know, I've always wondered this... but I guess it really isn't much of a problem for him. After I asked him this question, he looked at me in a puzzled way, and I guess he never made that connection.

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Ohh, uhh... my laptop!

Four years ago I set my grandpa up on Steam. He plays Civilization IV, V, and Solitaire almost every day. I message him late at night when he's on, but he can "never figure out how to reply".

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Back in '56 or '57. I flew... and boy my arms are tired!

Oh geeze.

I came by myself to see my family.

I enlisted. I just wanted to do my duty. Yeah. I was 20 when I enlisted, and wanted to adventure.

He "nodded" with his eyebrows to give you thanks for the greeting.

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HAHAHA! Okay... I got one... When Charlie Manson tried to "voodoo me"!

Voodoo you!?

Oh, yeah, man he said he was going to put a hex.

WHAT!? What else did he do!?

Oh he would tell me he talks to God. Oh man... There's a lot of prison stories but you're going to have an ear full of it.

Well what's another good one?

Okay well there was Charlie... and... what the hell was his name. OH! When Hugo Pinell. He was the one running that, uhh... thing [Black Guerrilla Family]. The last riot I was there for. There was a big lockdown where they were shooting all over the place. There was a Mexican mafia guy and a BGF and I can't really share the details but the whole yard was involved.

OH! And there was this escape right down in the sewer... and then he ended up in the river! We found his stuff, but they grabbed him in Mexico. I didn't plan that escape though, hehhheh.