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My overweight dad (51 yrs) was just told he has hypertension for the first time (runs in the family). I've been trying to get him to eat healthier for years and let me teach him how to power-lift, and now I'm worried more than ever.

Could you offer my mother and him any motivation or advice to start taking some time out of their day for this, even if it's just a half hour of cardio? Something that would say "Hey, I'm not talking crazy over here"?

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I'm going to meet you someday, and thank you in person for this reply. But until then, online thanks is all I can do. I will definitely be sitting down with my dad soon and showing him this.

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Oh man, that is some really shitty illustration. Great story boarding though.

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This is one of the best AMAs ever. If I ever pay off med school and stay at your hotel can I pay extra to, like, grab coffee with you guys?

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This would be the second best Kickstarter ever.

The best, of course, would be "Totally not money to build a dinosaur cloning lab or anything"