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How are you greeted when you arrive there? Welcome to McMurdo, I love you?

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We have the 9 pin bowling in Texas, apparently brought beee by Germans. Same thing with a smaller ball and whatnot. Never tried it myself cause the 9 pin one you have to be a member of some private bowling club to do.

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Nice. I’ll have to go try it.

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breakerbreaker: Asked about being barred from the most famous competition. Can you elaborate on that?

They were offering him a contract that was difficult to sign. Basically he'd have to sign the contract to compete, but then he wouldn't be able to compete in anything else. He thought about it long and hard. He couldn't sign it cause he came to america to start new things and new opportunities and that's why he couldn't sign it.

All the contracts are different for each player, and his was wound too tight. It just became way too difficult to sign.

well I gotta go guys, someone else do the rest of this transcript.

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Probably a nondisclosure agreement was made with the producers.