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I can’t help but feel that if everyone took this advice, we’d have no Bladerunner, The Shawshank Redemption, The Thing, and other cult classics that didn’t make a lot of money (at first, anyway). If you’re truly passionate, you do make the film you want. Your advice can lead to things like the Transformers series - hugely successful, very popular, but it’s catering to such a broad audience that it’s damn near vapid. It also depends on what you want out of it as a filmmaker - is there a story that you have to tell people, regardless of whether anyone pays attention? If your goal is to make money and damn the rest, filmmaking would be a weird choice IMO.

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Well, I haven’t seen Bumblebee yet, but you’ve won me over with your analogy. And if your ultimate goal is to make something more personal, then more power to you!

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Point taken. I believe OP is saying the same thing when he chimed in. I do wish that one didn’t have to sell their soul to the box office to make a low-budget film that I’ll assume he’s quite passionate about. But that’s the way the industry is, as OP says.

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Stop making sense.