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I suggest you actually read his book. Her family certainly did well for themselves but I would not put them in the category of "phenomenally wealthy and connected." The vast majority of her connections came through Theranos and her family friends were actually involved in a lawsuit against her years ago.

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Cmon man cut this guy some slack. If you’ve ever seen him interview he just gives quick off the cuff answers... that’s just how he responds. The restaurant industry is famous for basically hiring anyone and that’s how a lot of people get second chances. Don’t immediately pull the straw man argument and assume that they are hiring the worst of the worst. The majority of the people getting second chances are in prison for property and drug offenses.

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What do you actually hope to accomplish? How does trolling extremists help the general political discourse in America?

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What are you thoughts on housing proposals such as SB50 or similar resining laws which would allow more housing to be built?

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With all due respect the guy gave an interview trashing the CIA for Iraq and then gave a speech at the CIA the very next day where he spent the entire time talking about his victory over Hillary Clinton. This is not challenging the intelligence community, this is blatant disrespect. This is the same president who openly disagrees with the assessment of over a dozen federal agencies regarding the 2016 elections and sides with Vladimir Putin. All the while Trump does this without providing any evidence to support his view.

If trump was proposing reforms or restructuring at the CIA this would be an entirely different discussion, but he is not. All he is doing is undermining the CIA without providing any sort of solutions.