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Yo-eleven is hitting an eleven in craps. Eleven sounds like seven (very taboo, to say out loud) therefore, it is either YO!!! or YO-LEVEN

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What are the chances of me being busted for switching my pass line to the dont pass line, after a point is established? What would typically happen if caught? Police or just booted?

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I've heard of apps that are available on cell phones where you surreptitiously hit a button for a high card, a middle or low.....the phone silently vibrates when the card count is high? Basically one keeps the phone in his jacket/sweatshirt and hit the appropriate buttons as the cards are dealt Encountered those?

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What do you think of people using Kratom as a recovery tool in Opioid & Alcohol addiction?

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Earlier, I know you expanded on your thoughts about people convicted of crimes being able to pursue a career in your field. My questions is what about somebody with a 2-3 misdemeanors who have had their charges dismissed. Basically arrested but eventually the charges were dismissed. Are situations like this still a barrier to entry in your field?