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Thanks for posting! I used to work for a payment processor like Stripe or Braintree, and I always enjoy reading about businesses that we couldn't support. The place I worked was able to make some exceptions for very profitable businesses (think in the vein of Grindr) and before I left, they were working to make exceptions the rule.

I personally handled fraud and disputes, so your business risks are very familiar to me - folks would fly under our radar until their dispute average exceeded 1% or our risk team caught on, it was about 50/50.

Congrats on the website, and I hope you see continued and growing success!

That said, are you at liberty to say who your merchant accounts are through? Since I want to get back in the industry, I'm quite curious. Also, can I ask what your dispute rate looks like? If you've had any yet, what are the more common causes? Have you been able to win any?

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What did your spinal fluid taste like?

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Commenting so I can return later and see what kinds of comments the Creative Folks have about "Wiener Whistle."

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I loved reading comments and seeing people assume one way or the other, and then watching you respond to comments but not correcting either assumption. As a trans person, I'm very familiar with hearing both and saying nothing about it, so it made me smile. Especially when I got all the way down to this response!

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Like my mother, who happens to be a member of the Tea Party.