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Hello! Obligatory but no less truthful "love your videos" comment.

I have a couple questions: 1) how is a body transported long distance? I would like to be buried in the same cemetery as the rest of my family, but unless something changes between now and then, it's a trip, but likely just by road, no planes. In your videos you drive a van with cardboard boxes with bodies inside. If you have the funeral in one place, and the burial in another, how is that done? Not by hearse, surely?

2) in some religions it is traditional to perform rituals such as cleaning and clothing the body by family, etc. Where in a funeral home (if there at all?) Is that done? If an autopsy or organ harvest is done, does this hinder the process?

3) how does one get a body in a casket? Do you just slide the body off the table into the casket like a sack of potatoes, then straighten them out, or is there some sort of mechanical lifting device that is used?

4) this one is random: what percentage, if any, of bodies are buried or cremated wearing a wig? Mostly females or are males in on that game too?

Thanks for all your time and enlightenment, on this post and many others!

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Sounds like your super power is still being alive and functional!

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Shout out for port hope! The place where Torontonians like to visit but no one wants to live since land near the refinery it's radioactive, as is the high school. Slight exaggeration, but seriously, the high school science classes play with Geiger counters comparing different parts of the school yard and their radioactivity. Federal cleanup initiative money is available to residents who discover their land is radioactive to either clean up or subsidize the loss the owner will take when they sell.

How does the factory where you work deal with potential issues like this? How old it's your factory? For clarification, port hope has been refining uranium since ww2, long before the safety initiatives I'm sure are I'm place now were invented

I'm not just being rude with my comments, btw, I grew up near the Durham nuclear plant, within the evacuation zone. About 45 min drive from port hope and about the same from the Pickering nuclear plant. I'm just a lot more cavalier about radioactivity than most people on this site.

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Why do you continue to do this job?

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When you 'clean up', what exactly does that mean?