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What celeb persona was the most different from the image they put out vs what you saw when interviewing them?

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Any chance youd know when next month its going up? Im definitely going to try for this and i dont want to miss it. Seems perfect for me. Sorry if its been answered.

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Okay so this is a highly specific question but i hope you can answer it!

A few years ago I saw you in Omaha Nebraska at a venue and you had a bit of a raunchy set and had Martin with you and it was a great time, then later a year or two down the line, you came to the Ralston Arena twice without martin and had a bit of a toned down set.

Are there venues that make you have to have a more family friendly set and what pushes your decision to either go along with that or go where you can say whatever you want amd have whoever you want with you?