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bogusjedi10 karma

Hey LeVar thanks for taking time out of your day to answer some questions!

How would you say the show has changed from when you first started to when it ended? If it had changed was it done from you maturing or how the eras received information?

Thanks again!

bogusjedi5 karma

Hi Gary, thanks for being willing to do an AmA.

I actually was about to make a YouTube video discussing this exact topic, along with intermittent fasting. While I'm not as researched as you, I have gone through various forms of weight loss on my own through exercise and dieting. In my experiences being calorie-conscious and creating calorie deficits is more tactful approach to weight loss than a trendy new diet. Would you say that this is a common theme in your experiences or would you find that most weight loss successes are unique to an individual?

Finally, if you were to give any sort of small piece of elevator pitch style advice to someone who wants to start the 2021 year with a New year's resolution of weight loss, what would you advise them?

bogusjedi4 karma

That is brilliant. The fact that consistency of this show has remained the same really speaks for how the integrity remains intact to its roots.

Thanks for your time - pleasure getting a response from a big person in my childhood!