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You guys are now twin-stick heroes, covering a sphere, cylinder and now a cube (somewhat). Are you going to stick to Twin Sticks, or do a Guerrilla Games turnaround, and do something drastically different next? (and what might that be??)

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Hi there. No question, just wanted to say I grew up reading Mad and really enjoyed the movie and TV spoofs (Top Gun was really ACE!)

Ah, I guess I DO have a question, spawned by your book title. Do you consider doing GAME spoofs as well? (because of the CLAPTRAP reference)

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Which part of the game is Housemarque, and which part is the Jarvis (Hi there!) influence?

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Hi, thanks for the AMA opportunity. Is Nex Machina a final, completed product, or will there be additions, and if so, what plans do you have? (more worlds, VR, other stuffs)