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Can you foresee other possible uses for ultrasonic transmission, which I know nothing about but sounds very useful and ubiquitous?

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It seems fascinating and useful but somewhat scary. With the broadcast to smartphone and many other apps, it can be blocked or ignored, right? Or can it be just extremely invasive?

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Actually, I was in Army basic training starting in November, 1972. I enlisted. The draft ended in December, 1972 with the last conscripted guys entering in June, 1973 (deferred entry, I guess). I saw grown men in my unit who were drafted actually cry because they missed going in by just one month.

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Did you ever run into Lauren Gottlieb, American dancer/actress, and former cast member of "So you think you can dance"?

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No, but I followed her for a while and she left the U.S. to work in Bollywood for several years. I was under the impression she was getting a bit famous over there--somewhat successfull in Bollywood. I have to say that I know very little about Bollywood actors though.