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Part two is actually a real-life performance art instillation piece that is playing out on the national political stage as we speak.

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I hope so. I was having a lot trouble doing stand up (panic attacks on stage and such) -- but doing this movie helped my anxiety a lot and I'd love to do something on stage again. I would just need to have something I really want to say up there. Appreciate the support, though. Means a lot.

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It's a bummer but honestly it's fine. And the target audience, for me, is really anybody who feels weird about living now. I didn't write this movie for kids, I wrote this movie for me. But yeah, it's weird that trying to honestly portray what 13 year olds are going through means that 13 year olds can't see it. As if they've never heard the word fuck before. But when I was 13, I was always able to sneak in to any R rated movie I wanted. So go see Mamma Mia 2 kids! WINK

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I found out what I had hoped which is that young people are a lot more self-aware and sort of in on the joke of themselves than people think. Like when you're 13, you know that you're a mess, and you're joking around about the fact that you're a mess. A lot of people warned me that working with kids would be impossible but I really found it to be a total joy. It makes sense that a generation of kids that self-documents is actually pretty comfortable on camera. And kids are ready to act naturally and be themselves if you give them permission to just be and don't freak them out by making them feel like they have to be in a movie. Hope that answers your question.

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I want a Lord of the Flies style 5th grade centering on a boy's laser tag birthday party.