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bobite_kath22 karma

Hi James and Bob. Has Bob ever been so grumpy that you've had to cancel an interview or book signing? I know from your book that sometimes he preferred to stay at home rather go out busking because he was having a cat-equivalent duvet day ;-)

bobite_kath8 karma

That's great, James - Bob still relies on you to keep him safe. I was glad you said (very politely) that Bob wasn't up for a high-five this morning on the Canadian interview (which was great, by the way) - I guess Bob was still feeling the effect of his Lewis-Hamilton taxi ride to the studio...eeek. I'm so pleased for you both xx

bobite_kath2 karma

So glad to hear of Belle. I've always imagined her to be a steadfast friend who will always be there for you (and you for her). High fives to Belle too!